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Long but nice day out yesterday. Cartoon Network's been showing a lot of advertisements for Howe's Caverns, and David really, really wanted to go. So, off we went yesterday. We really couldn't afford to stay over somewhere (New fuel pump for the car - $700), so we left early. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Sean was determined not to enjoy it, because he just does that. David loved the tour, and then afterwards we did the tourist thing of buying bags of mining rough to sluice. They're seeded with either gemstones or fossils, so now both kids have a little bag of fossils.

Took them to McDs afterwards for lunch, and looked through tourist books to see what else to do with them while we were up that way. I'd found online one of those places you can go prospect for various crystals that didn't seem too far away. So, off we went. It was a ride, but I figured if we were all the way up there it would be a shame to waste the rest of the day with a drive home, when I could do that once it got dark. It was a campground as well, so maybe we'll go back sometime and do a weekend there. We rented some cheap tools, then went out to futz around. I didn't really expect to find much, but I figured it would be fun to just do with the kids outside. David had fun tunnelling, and Sean had fun breaking rocks with the hammer.

On the whole, I found a bunch of little crystals. About ten minutes before the place was closing (at 8pm), Sean found the 'catch of the day'. A whole crystal about halfway between the size of a golfball and a baseball. Apparently they're rare to find that size. Needless to say, Sean was delighted. We washed up some, then headed home. That, too, was a very long drive. We got in around 11:30. It was a really good day, though.
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