Becca (helvetian) wrote,

Toot Toot

I think I did pretty well for this coming convention, swag-wise. High points are: Warner Bros. sent us some Happy Feet posters and such. Cartoon Network sent us Adult Swim pens and such. Sci Fi Channel sent Who Wants to be a Superhero stuff, including sending me a copy of the first season since I told the woman in marketing that I'd unfortunately missed most of it. NCsoft has sent us 300 full copies of their MMORPG Auto Assault, to pass out at registration. Sure, it's not nearly enough for everyone, but I thought the hotel might kill us if we received 50 boxes of games. It won't be nearly everyone's cup of tea anyway, so I think it'll be okay. And with luck, NCsoft will have Tabula Rasa in good shape for the summer convention.

It's my first contact with some of these companies, so I now have something nice to build on with them, for DEXCON 10.
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