Becca (helvetian) wrote,

Nice weekend, Busy week

Had a very nice weekend with good friends. Sean went fishing Saturday for his 10th birthday, and we took David to a wonderful aquarium out on Long Island. Sunday, Dennis had to work so I took the boys to an equally wonderful science museum in NJ in the afternoon. We'd planned to go to the beach, but it really wasn't the weather for it.

Got tons of cleaning to do this week, inside and house and out. Will have lots of people over Saturday, and don't want to be embarrassed. Combination birthday party for Sean, my-son's-not-getting-married party for my neighbor (hated the girl with a passion, and it was supposed to happen that day) and general end-of-season bash for us both just to have one big party. :) Not cleaning a lot today, though. Today, I'm relaxing some and catching up with a few other things. Fortunately, I've been keeping up with the place pretty well recently. Tomorrow though, the madness begins.
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